I feel like you're my friend even though we've never talked face to face. Though there is a great divide between my culture and yours, I feel very happy for you that you are getting married to a beautiful young bride, and I wish you both many years together of happiness and prosperity.

I married my wife 6 years ago and, while life hasn't always been easy, I have never for one second regretted marrying her. Life is full of beauty, mystery, and variety, and to have someone to share one's life with is a marvelous thing indeed. Your relationship to the woman you love will change in ways you don't know, and you will both grow together.

In English we speak of being, "in love," with someone, and here in America being "in love" can be a very short, passing thing. The love that makes a marriage, however, is a love with strong roots like a tree. Love takes time, and care, and attention, and patience, and diligence, and all you have in order to grow strong and bear much fruit. It is my sincere hope that you two will grow "into love" with each other as you set out together on life's journey.

I wish you the best of all things, always,