late listicles for a tuesday morning in february

Things I have enjoyed in the last few weeks:

  • Clinically Significant Disturbance: On Theorists Who Theorize Theory of Mind
    If you have not read this article, which is in itself a biting and accurate critique of "Autistic people lack theory of mind" proponents, as well as an astonishing well crafted piece of prose, please do so post haste. I've never read such an incisive, raw, and funny essay.
  • The Amy Virus — an autistic high schooler named Cynthia Butt (Cindy Butt) develops an obsession with a deceased bossa nova singer and I, in turn, develop an obsession with this story. I'd tried to read this before in some web format, but found it easier to read on Kindle. Raucous humor, delicious wordplay, and A-grade Butt jokes.
  • Headspace is a meditation app that was built by compassionate people with excellent attention to building lasting habits. I started at 3 minute exercises, which seemed almost too extravagant: 3 whole minutes for me alone, no one else? Now I'm at 10 minutes daily and I love it. The app's reminders are nice, not nagging, and the more I practice the more I want to keep using it. Fun illustrations and animations complete the package, kudos on the authors of this experience.
  • I read in-depth and fascinating articles on being a good pen & paper roleplaying GM and took notes. Where are those notes? Nowhere handy at the moment, oh well. :-/

I've been thinking a lot about crafting narrative, how to tell a story, and how to bring that to my work. Slowing down the cadence of my replies and putting more effort into telling a complete story in a note I leave for a colleague does I hope help my colleague, but it's also helped me better frame and understand our users' experiences. Is user support part of UX? You betcha.