let's kubern8

One day, Gregor Samsa woke up and found himself contemplating Kubernetes for a home server cluster. It was not quite as scary as being a cockroach.

Here's the some total of what I know about Kubernetes: it's some Google thing that automates Docker cluster management. However after reading My Little Cluster, color me interested in a home-based cluster.

This all comes at the end of some thinking I've been doing regarding my cloud-based chromebook setup. While I love the flexibility of this, and the lack of real sysadmin'ing, the Dropbox IPO filing includes the intriguing bit that they have in-housed their servers and moved off of the cloud, which has reduced their overhead (and, in a neat mathematical duality, increased their margins!)

The math of saving money while building servers and (I presume) having more sysadmins (someone's gotta go to the colo and touch boxes) is a bit above me, but here's some personal math:

  • My DigitalOcean+Cloud9+etc services run me around $50/month, or $600 a year.
  • For a bit north of $600 I could get a badass Intel NUC, sit it on a UPS at my house, and move 99% of that stuff on premises with my own VPN.
  • But what if the connection goes down? Chill, I'm not a top tier provider, I can live for a day or two without internet. I'll likely want to set up some kind of front-end proxy that can serve up static versions of my site for those few intrepid readers with a burning need to read my posts about Factor.

I could even set up a proper IPv6 network & v4 tunneling through my ISP to the world, and live the dream of having real routable IPs for all things chocolate.software (link will work as soon as I can arsed to set up DNS, etc).

This setup, it pleases me, almost as mush as I like the idea of not spending $49/month on cloud services. Hmm... :thinking_face:

Also, My Little Cluster includes a philosophy I love:

the Side-Project Manifesto*. Loosely stated: “Don’t do things in such a way that I have to remember how shit works 6 months from now”.