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Written on location in the Atlanta Hartfield-Jackson Int'l Airport

  • I still don't run Crouton on my Chromebook. I'm curious about how far the standard non-development permissions can go. Supposedly if one builds software that targets PNaCl then it can be run with normal sandbox permissions, just like any Chrome app or extensions.
  • Someone wrote a Lisp targeting the Etherium VM. Maybe I'm dull, as no immediate application occurs… but I also haven't looked into the capabilities.
  • Bitcoin has 10x'd from the time I sold my coins off 4(?) years ago for pizza gift cards. If I could tell past Fred this was in the future… he would have still bought pizza, sweet delicious pizza. 🍕
  • Christmas, it seems, has permeated all aspects of life. Me: commercialism, greed, loss of meaning! Also me: omg check out this sale, pass the eggnog and hang the lights FALALALALA. 🎅🏼
  • I'd like to introduce you to a few of my closest friends—yes, 1000x yes. I love software so goddamn but it doesn't make one a whole person. Spending time making, reading, thinking, and experiencing art, music, & life actually put fuel back into the tank for when heavy thinking is required at the keys.

I mean, that last point is basically why I'm using the internet as mainly write-only right now; it's too easy to get caught in the geßtalten brain-sucking vortex of "whatever the machines have brought to entertain us today."

Be well dear reader.