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Hey! Welcome to my site. I'm Fred, and I like helping people learn new things. Here are some things I wrote:


How does curl _really_ work, though—explaining what happens under the hood when you run curl http://github.com on a Unix-like glibc system.

Factor & algorithms

These may be a bit broken while markdown rendering gets fixed

Factoring the Luhn algorithm

Implementing a simple algorithm in a concatenative language.

QR Codes in Factor

Fun experiments with encoding contact data as QR codes.

Sorting in Factor

Poking around the builtin facilities for sorting.

Solving Embarrassingly Simple Problems (in Factor)

Translating some Erlang problem-solving strategies to Factor.

Also, I implemented the optimized AES-128 algorithm in Factor as an exercise. I would not trust the cryptographic security of my implementation—it has not been audited for side-channel attacks, etc, as appropriate for production-grade cryptography. For serious crypto work, use Factor's libsodium binding instead.

3d Printing

PETG adventures - PETG adventures

Ongoing notes which I try to get PETG, a nice but somewhat tricky plastic working on my 3D printer. Very close now, only minor issues left to solve.

Thinking & Health